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Norav Wireless Stress System Norav Wireless Stress System

The 1200W Stress System with Advanced Software is a digital frequency system that was designed explicitly for Stress ECG Screening. The proprietary wireless data acquisition allows for maximum patient mobility with no signal degradation.

Features: 16 Bit Resolution and High Sampling Rate
Selectable Sync Lead
Echo-Ready Wireless Acquisition
Blood Pressure Equipment Interface
State of the art Digital Radio Frequency technology, Immune to
Environmental Interference. The system transmits to USB Plug-in on your PC.
Detachable 10 Lead wires conform to AAMI (AHA) or IEC color codes
Up to 40 hours of operation with 2 AA Batteries
Trigger for Stress Echo, BP, Etc.

Benefits: Seamless Installation and User Friendly
Straightforward Installation and User-Friendly Operation
Standard and Unlimited Custom Stress Test Protocols

This System is compatible with many treadmills. Please contact us to see if this system can function with your current treadmill.

Advanced Software Features:

• Automatic Arrhythmia detection, print, and capture: VPB and SVPB.

• Retrospective J point and Isoelectric placement (on a stored study).

• PDF report/export.

• HRR/Heart Rate Recovery Score.

• Selectable Trigger Lead.

• Remote View tool.

• Dynamic ST.

• CleanTrace computer-synythesized rhythm.

• DICOM Encapsulated PDF.

• Prints during a test at user request and automatically on plain paper.

• Acquisition, display, and analysis of all 12 leads.

• Display and print out of ST measurements/trends + ST Slopes.

• User-defined J point. Controllable during the study

• Blood Pressure entrance. Manually or add on a controllable Monitor

• Heart Rate achieved/expected display and trend.

° Display of 12 beats averaged or enlarged single beat.

• Save full disclosure study on disk and Post Processing.

• Standard protocols: Bruce, Mod. Bruce, Balke, Naughton, Ellestad, Kattus, USAFSAM, MacHenry.

• Unlimited User Programmable Protocols.

• Automatic control of treadmills, ergometers, and BP

Our Price: $5,000.00
Sale Price: $5,000.00