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Balance Tracks Sports Balance Plate with Software Balance Tracks Sports Balance Plate with Software

The BBT (BTrackS Balance Test) with Age/Gender Percentile Ranking. This is typically used by Athletic Trainers and Sports Medicine Professionals in their concussion management programs.

BTrackS™ Sport Balance Track Athlete Balance Changes with Confidence Balance changes are common following sports injuries, and balance testing is a key component of concussion testing protocols. With BTrackS™ Sport Balance, Sports Medicine Professionals no longer have to rely on subjective, unreliable and inaccurate visual testing methods such as the BESS to determine changes in balance following injury. Instead, BTrackS™ Sport Balance provides objective testing results in less than two minutes, allowing for more confident decisions to be made regarding an athlete’s balance status. PURCHASE BTRACKS™ SPORT BALANCE

Install BTrackS™ Sport Balance Software. BTrackS™ software is provided via internet download following a purchase of the system. Double click the setup file and follow the installation instructions to load the Better Balance & Posture application onto your Windows PC, laptop or tablet.

Create/Select a Testing Profile. Enter information about the athlete to be tested in order to establish a profile for tracking purposes. Profile information is saved locally to the computer or can be linked to the cloud via a private cloud profile system (PCPS).

Perform the BTrackS™ Balance Test. The BTrackS™ Balance Test (BBT) is designed to detect disrupted balance in a quiet, eyes-closed, feet shoulder width apart standing position. Three trials of 20 seconds are used to measure the average number of centimeters of postural sway.

View and Print testing Results. BTrackS™ Sport Balance provides instant results following testing. These can be printed to share with the individual being tested, other health professionals or for insurance purposes. These results are also stored locally for later reference.

Baseline Testing Percentile Rankings Following each baseline balance test, athletes are given a BTrackS™ Percentile Ranking (BPR). This result compares the athlete’s balance performance to individuals of the same age and sex in the BTrackS™ normative database. Using this indicator, athletes in the lower percentiles can be identified as candidates for balance improvement training, even when “healthy” at baseline. The BTrackS™ normative database is one of the largest in the world with over 17,000 individuals collected.

Baseline and Post-Injury Balance Testing Balance testing is a recommended component of complete concussion management systems. With BTrackS™, gold standard balance information is objectively obtained in less than two minutes from all high risk athletes in pre-season, and following potential concussive events. Using minimal detectable change (MDC) statistics, alterations in balance from baseline are then monitored throughout the return to play period. Published research now shows that BTrackS™ Sport Balance is twice as effective as the popular BESS method for Concussion management.

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Balance Tracks Assess Balance System Balance Tracks Assess Balance System

BTrackS™ Assess Balance
Balance, Weight Distribution Posture Test, and Fall Risk Assessment

A Complete Balance/Posture Testing Solution

BTrackS™ Assess Balance software provides an affordable suite of testing protocols to objectively and accurately determine balance and posture abilities. This includes the BTrackS™Balance Test, an evaluation of postural sway that can be done in just minutes to determine percentile rankings and Fall Risk. The latest software also includes weight distribution percentages, biofeedback-based balance training and an optional protocol for sensory screening.

Balance Testing for Physicians, Hospitals, and Senior Living Facilities and now a system is available for CTSIB Testing. Please see below for more complete information.

Balance and posture are important indicators of health and well-being. BTrackS™ Assess Balance was designed to provide clinicians and health/wellness professionals with an effective way to determine disruptions in balance/posture, which can lead to increased fall risk. BTrackS™ Assess Balance is easy to administer, with the portability to be used almost anywhere.

Falls represent a potential liability issue in medical facilities including both hospitals and doctor’s offices. Therefore, understanding the fall risk of your patients is more imperative now than ever.

is the first affordable, objective force-plate testing system allowing hospitals to obtain a computerized balance and fall risk assessment in minutes. BTrackS™ is the perfect objective testing system to complement existing fall risk questionnaires used at many hospitals and physician’s offices.

When a patient is tested by the BTrackS™ Assess Balance System their postural sway is measured in centimeters by sophisticated sensors located in the BTrackS™ Balance Plate. After the test is completed the patient’s fall risk is assessed as Low, Moderate or High depending on how many centimeters they swayed. These assessment levels have been developed after two years of collecting over 10,000 testing results from around the United States.

The Low, Moderate and High assessment levels map directly into National Health Statistics regarding age-related fall risk and offer Hospitals and Physicians an affordable tool to aid in fall risk analysis. The BTrackS™ Assess Balance System is available for just $1700.00 including ground shipping.

The BTrackS™ Assess Balance System will allow you to monitor balance improvement and perform fall risk screening. The system will also provide advanced balance metrics, and postural alignment and weight distribution assessments.

  • Balance Measurement and Tracking
  • Fall Risk Assessment for Screening
  • Age-Specific Normative Ranking
  • Printable Reports for CPT Billing
  • Posture and Weight Distribution Info

The Assess System with CTSIB test and Foam for the plate. The CTSIB is an optional testing protocol that can be added to your purchase of BTrackS™ Assess Balance. The CTSIB is used by experienced balance practitioners to try and assess how the three main sensory feedback systems for balance (i.e. proprioception, vision, vestibular) are functioning relative to one another. This is done by comparing balance conditions where vision and proprioception are manipulated by having the person close their eyes or stand on compliant foam respectively. In addition to providing a comparison of postural sway across conditions, BTrackS™ Assess Balance gives a composite result for all tests performed. Further, 95% confidence ellipses are provided for each test condition. Irregularities in the ellipse size and direction can be informative as part of a larger clinical picture of sensory function. The tests the new enhanced version offers are BBT (Balance Tracks Balance Test), Weight Distribution Posture Test, The CTSIB, The Limits of Stability Test, The Cervical Challange Test, and 5 Training/Rehab Programs. Fall Risk Assesment is provided along with Age/Gender Percentile Ranking.

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Special Note: The PC pictured with the Balance Plate is not included with the purchase.

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